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Why us?

With our certificate of good standing, we've helped thousands of owners just like you to sell and get rid of their timeshare legally and permanently. Our consumer advocates are experienced in closing and exit solutions and are here to help you. We provide superior trust settlement and closing services for you and deliver same-day-as-closing proceeds directly into your account.

Trust Services

With more than 10 years of fiduciary experience, Deluxe Services Title provides investment management, trust and banking services, with a special expertise in real estate management.


The challenge of finding the right trustee begins with identifying a responsive trustee company that provides practical solutions to invidual needs. At Deluxe Services Title, our clients benefit from the services of a trustee who not only administers their trust assets, but who also acts as a trusted advisor, and who considers the unique and personal situations of each client. Because simple answers rarely exist when managing a personal trust relationship, our highly collaborative approach involves legal, accounting, and other professional advisors to assure that all aspects of trust administration - from estate planning to estate settlement - are performed in an accurate and attentive manner.

As a fiduciary, our services include:

  • Investment management for trusts and estates.
  • Management of real estate, closely-held business and other unique assets.
  • Impartiality when carrying out terms of the trust document.
  • Detailed reporting and regular communication with beneficiares.
  • Recordkeeping and trust accouting.
  • Oversight of tax preparation and filing.
  • Bill payment.

Fees & Timeframe

Selling your Timeshare.

$495 escrow/trust closing fee

(not including title insurance)
for timeshare properties locatred in the United States

$1,495 escrow/trust closing fee

(not including title insurance)
for timeshare properties located abroad.

The above prices include only fees due DCP for customary escrow closing services and do not include any third party fees and charges to extent applicable (e.g. HOA transfer fees, HOA estoppel fees, recording and documentary fees and taxes, transfer taxes, etc.). Additional fees may apply depending upon the specific requirements of your transanction (e.g. preparation of additional documents, cost to obtain certified copies of required documents, etc.). The above rates are subject to change at any time, including in conjunction with any rate filing made with a regulatory authority. The typical timeframe for closing a timeshare sale es 15-30 days.

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